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The Memory of Home Country

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was a specially administered territory on the eastern side of the Pearl River estuary in southern China, and also the place where I am from. In addition to the traditional Chinese culture, coupled with the historical background to the British Colonies, it has developed a special Hong Kong-style meal culture that gathers between China and the West. Most of the Chinese restaurants in Tri-Cities are not Hong Kong style yet. M café is a unique traditional Hong Kong style restaurant in Tri-Cities.

The M café was opened in February 2015. The interior is elegant, with a high arched celling that has bright orange, vintage chandeliers with rectangular wooden panels. There are a lot of long wooden booths with soft, comfortable cushions to sit and lean on, In the center, there were several small square tables and a private ballroom with a long dining table, in the other side of the restaurant there is a long classical wooden bar. Breakfast is served here from 8 am, including Chinese and Western dishes and porridge noodles. There are many kinds of dishes for lunch and dinner. There are Chinese-style fried noodles, Western-style grilled of Chinese-Western combination, as well as Southeast Asian and Japanese flavors Fried Rice, Hainanese Chicken with Rice, Japanese Curry Rice, and some sandwiches and snacks. For the dinner menu has steaks, lobsters, and variety of iron plate packages. The most special dishes for me is Pork chop cutlet with Japanese Teriyaki sauce, served in a round hot pot that was sizzles and sings. The skin is crispy, I can hear the crispy sound every time I bite and the meat is tender with house made Teriyaki sauce that is sweet, salty and flavourful. Under the juicy pork, are colorful steamed shredded cabbage, carrots and onions, at the bottom is fluffy white rice (special of this delicious dish is the crispy burnt rice that you can scrape off to enjoy). All the waiters and waitresses were friendly, attentive service and when they talk to me, I feel like I am talking to one of my family members. In 2018 the average basic lunchtime menu is $18, but most of the items in M café are between $10-$15, it’s a reasonable price for a family go for lunch or dinner on a weekend. This restaurant gave me a lot of memory of my home country, I highly recommend try this Hong Kong style restaurant.








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