Praise Song for the Day

   Jolou Romanillos 

Praise Song for the Day

      Elizabeth Alexander’s poem,”Praise Song for the Day”, is a poem about Barrack’s Obama’s Presidential Inauguration and its an Ode poem. This poem relates to the theme that everyone has their own unique lives, but everyone live’s are connected to their community and so many people have died for them to have their freedom, and that we should live for life with love. Some example that support this theme is “walking past each other, catching each other’s eyes or not, about to speak or speaking.” (Line 2-3) this line is talking about how people past each other everyday and they all have their own unique lives and they mind their own business. “A woman and her son wait for the bus. A farmer consider the changing sky. A teacher says, Take out your pencils. Begin.” (Line 13-15)  This line tells that some people are connected but others just have their own lives. “Someone is stitching up a hem, darning a hole in a uniform, patching a tire” (Line 8-9) This line means that they are some people out there repairing things and working for the community. 



A place at the Table Response

1. What are two examples of food insecurity identified in this movie? What were some of the ways in which the individuals involved coped with their predicament? Were they successful? Why or why not?

In the movie they were two families were affected by food insecurity in the United States. Rosie family had jobs, but they were only paid just a little amount of money. Her mother was only getting paid $120 in every two weeks. Rosie always distracted in school because she’s always starving and all she’s thinking about is anything that involve food. Rosie town is very supportive at each other the pastor at their local church have a food program on Monday every week and the teacher also are helping they brought bags of foods to give to the children.

The other family that is affected by food insecurity lived in Philadelphia. Barbie has two kids and she just lost her job earlier that year. She wasn’t receiving any income while having to take care of her two kids. she’s relying on the food stamps for food which is sometimes not enough for them. However, she doesn’t want to give up and eventually she found a people that has the same case as her and she was given the chance to speak to the White House to address the food insecurity in U.S.

2. What specific demographics in our country might be more at risk of experiencing food insecurity? Why are they more at risk? Is there anything historical that might have caused this increased risk

In Canada i feel that the aboriginals are at most risk of experiencing food insecurity. Ever since the start Canadians have treated the aboriginals poorly by taking away their land and making it difficult for them to farm. Today most aboriginals live in land reserves and receive minimal help from the government. The government basically just said “Here’s some land, now you guys are on your own”. The limited land may result to food shortages if there are too many mouths to feed in the future and it is up to the government to decide whether to help them or not.

3. What is your personal reaction to this movie? Did you have any preexisting ideas about food insecurity? Were you surprised by some of the information that was presented? Why or why not?

I think that this documentary is an eye-opening and has very important message to be shared. It’s so easy to become complacent and not even realize the struggles that the other people are going thru all around you.. I knew partially about the struggles of food insecurity, but i wasn’t aware of how bad it really was. The part that made me more surprised is that the government sees these problems occurring, but continues to be oblivious to the real issues that are reoccurring with these programs.

4. If you were in a position to directly or indirectly influence the issue at hand (such as a politician or policy maker) what would you do to help? What policies do you think could aid those that are hungry? OR What is a way that you could make a difference today? How would you go about making that difference and change?

If I was in a position where I could influence the issue I would start a plan that could help them a lot.. my plan would be to ensure that the people who are at risk of going hungry get proper support. I would raise the maximum annual income for getting government support and I would create a better  service for people who are unemployed or employed with low income. I would create this better service by increasing the amount of food stamps given to people, and I would make the program easier to take part in. lastly, i would increase their minimum wages so that people can pay what their supposed to pay and have enough money to buy food.



March/April Lab Reflection

Cheese Souffle




1, why did you choose this lab?

I choose this lab because i enjoyed this the most and its really easy to make at your house. You can make this one in 30 minutes and its not that flavorful but i really like it because i really like anything that has egg cause i find it delicious.

2, Did you enjoyed this lab?

i really enjoyed doing this lab because there is nothing much to do and you can do any others stuff while doing it. You can do any others stuff while waiting for it to be cooked. i enjoyed it because i have never made Cheese Souffle before and i think its delicious.

3, Did your product turn out the way you had hoped? If yes, what helped? If no, why did it not?

Our product turn out the way that me and my team hoped it would look like and the one we made actually look better than the rest of the other group so i was proud because its the first time that we made this and we did great to make it.

4, Did you group work well together during the lab? Why or why not? (i.e. were there any issues that came up/how did you solve them?)

our group work well together in this lab because we finish it really fast and everyone in the group is doing what they are supposed to be doing.

5, If you were to do this lab again, what might you do differently? Why?

if i were to do this lab again what i could do differently is i can put a different stuff in it because during this lab we experimented it we try to put a pepper in the cheese souffle before we ate it. what i can try to put this time is i can put a a little bit salt in it before we put it on the oven because its not very flavorful but i liked it i just want to try it with different stuff in it.

February Lab Reflection.

February lab Reflection

My Favorite lab we did in February was the Sunflowers Crepe’s. I enjoyed doing this lab because their easy to do and their the tastiest for me because I loved egg. I choose to reflect on this lab because they require are really fun to make and you can easily do it at your house.

I liked this lab because I love egg so much especially scrambled egg and I’ve never try to make sunflowers crepes before and their delicious just as how they look.

when i was doing the lab i was worried when we put the eggs in cause it would break the crepes and it did but when i ask the other group and they said they have the same one so i stop worrying.

I think as a team we did great because everyone is doing what they were supposed to do and we finished just in time and we were so happy that i turned out good because we thought its going to be messed up.

if i were to do this lab again i would try to make the crepes a little bit more thick so the eggs don’s make a hole and try to make the bacon crispier cause the one we had was not really that crispy, but for me i think we did a good job doing it.

Make a change in Canada

My experience on the project was awesome. i have learned so many things about the needs of improvement of a students loan in Canada.
I have never done something like this before like researching about the problem that i need to give a solution. i think that could have really help the students from paying their loan on the government. its not just going to help them it will help me to because i was planning to took a loan when i graduated post secondary. i

Canadian identity

First nation people were the very first people came in Canada. The first nation was called the Indian but the Canada don’t want to be racist so they called the Indian the first nation. the First nation people are the predominant aboriginal people in Canada south of the Arctic.

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The maple leaf is precious in Canada because there is so many maple trees in Canada. and the maple leaf is part of the Canadian flag too. the maple leaf was one of numerous emblems proposed to represent the society. the maple leaf was very attracted to the French Canadian.

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Canadian studies Assignment and Reflection

i like this assignment because i had really fun doing this and i learned lots of places in Quebec and i was able to compare my home country to Quebec. i have learned lots of history about Quebec and i learned new things that i didn’t know before about my home country.

math10 Week#18

the 5 things that is important to my success in math 10.

1st. don’t try on the end of the chapter because its more stressful if you see that your failing you just start trying just because you want to pass the course. always try from the beginning so its more easier for you to pass math 10.
2nd. Follow the instruction a so you know what to do and always do your homework so you know what to do and homework is kinda practicing what you just learned.
3rd. always hand in something on time so you don t have to do it at the same time. for example blog post every week always do it every week so you don t have to do it at the really early test and harder test.
4th. never skip the class or missed as possible because every chapter is important. Because if you miss at least 1 lesson its going to be hard to catch up if your not a fast learner.
5th. lasts is be friendly in class and be able to communicate to the other people because if you need help they can help you because you been friendly and you communicate to others.