Lady Macbeth Bio Poem

Jolou Romanillos


Lady Macbeth Bio Poem      


Lady Macbeth

Fierce, manipulative, ambitious, passionate

Wife of Macbeth

Lover of power, royal position and complete control over situations and decisions.

Who feels the need to do a bloody deed to gain power, pride in her husband actions as King, and guilt and disgrace after bloodshed has occurred and her husband has become king in an unfair way.

Who needs respect from others, acceptance of her husband, and everything to go as she plans.

Who fears losing chance to be queen, the downfall of her husband authority, Macbeth revealing the awful deeds they perform to reign.

Who gives a fake feel of her marriage to others, a manipulative perspective, and eventually gives up her life because of the bloody deeds she and her husband had done.

Who would like to see the death of King Duncan, her husband as a successful ruler, and herself a beautiful queen.




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