Currents from the Kitchen


The carrots made the highest current we did it did forward to 2.5 and didn’t turn the bulbs on.

The kiwi and the orange went back into 1  and didn’t turn the bulbs on the potato went forward into 1 and didn’t turn the bulb on too.



We tried to connect all the fruits and the wire to get a lot of power to make the bulb light but it didn’t turn on.

We tried each of the fruit to make the bulbs light but it don’t turn light on.

We are not sure if the bulbs acctually work on their own.


Measuring Current



1.5 V cell                                 Connecting wires

Various bulbs                         Ammeter


What did u find out?

1.  Which circuit had the largest current?

The largest circuit current is the big bulb that has 190 mA.

2. Which circuit has the smallest current?

The largest circuit current is the weird shaped that we called that has 48 ma.

3. What is the purpose of the switch in this circuit?

The purpose of the switch is to turn of or turn on the current to make the bulb lights.