HoverCraft Reflection

John.k and Lukas We should have really thought out our plan for the hovercraft. We should have gotten our materials from the start. We have many regrets such as. Not making it smaller. We should have followed our plan. We should have not lost it even though it works.

Mountain journey questions

  What was Dave Conroy doing out in the wilderness? (motivation)   Dave was in the wilderness because he’s a trapper and he was skiing in order to reach the cabin.   At what point does the reader know the protagonist is in serious trouble and not likely to make it to MacMoran’s cabin? (plot) […]

The Mountain Journey

Name: John. Khoja                                                                                           Date: Oct.10.08 SHORT STORY SUMMARY STORY TITLE: The Mountain Journey Plot: Trapper Dave Conroy travelling in the wilderness and his pride pushed him through his challenges and his decisions Introduction: He is an experienced trapper and is extremely tired after 6 weeks for trapping. Setting: wintertime, mid-February, Canada, northern BC/Alberta Character […]

My Element

Tungsten is the element of my choice. Where can is be found – 75% of all tungsten in the world is located in china, which means you have the best odd of finding it there. Also you are able to find tungsten in california and russia. there are many other locations you can find it […]