Desmos Art Functions Card 2019 

This project was interesting. I started by making the shape of my head, it was simple because I knew what function I would use. After that, I started from the top of my face, going down. I had difficulties with the hair but I eventually figured it out. The eyes was probably the easier parts to make, the moving to my glasses, it was getting a little more difficult. I didn’t know how I would make my nose, I tried so many functions combinations, but I eventually settled with using Cosine, Quadratic and Semi-Circle functions. The mouth and body was also easy. I found myself just reflecting the function over the y-axis most of the time. During the making of this project, I had difficulties with the colouring of some parts but I eventually figured it out. I found transforming the functions were not too difficult, I had the most difficulties with the inverse functions. Overall, I found this project really interesting, I’ve never done anything like it before and it really helped me review my transformations during the break.

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