Masterpiece Remake



Artist Statement
I chose to remake the painting “Eternal Embrace” by Christian Riese Lassen because I really love the scenery and the colours that he used. Starting the process in remake this painting, first I decided what I liked and what I didn’t like about it, I didn’t like how big the wave was so I flattened it a bit, I wanted to add some people so I grabbed an image online and removed the background and placed them on the shore with shadows that I created. I also added some birds flying into the sunset by removing the background on an image of birds flying. Then I tried to blend the mountain with the sky texture so it made it look like it’s very far. It was a challenge to remake this painting because I have never really used Photoshop before and it was a challenge to place or replace parts of the image but in the end, I think the result was good.

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