What I’ve learned in Math this Week

Week of October 24

In Math, we have been learning about Powers and Exponents. The most beneficial thing that I have learned so far in this unit, has been the rules for Exponents. Here are a few rules that I have learned.


The rule for Multiplying powers with the same base is:

“If the base is the same, you can write the base the same with the exponents added together.”

Example: 5^35^2

5^3 = 5x5x5    5^2 = 5×5

This equals 5^5 because the exponents were added together and the base is the same.


The rule for Dividing powers with the same base is:

“When you are dividing powers with the same base, you subtract the exponents and leave the base the same.”

Example: 9^7\div9^2

This equals 9^5 because the exponents were subtracted and the base was left the same.


The rule for the Power of a product is:

“when a product is raised to an exponent, you can re-write each factor in the product with the same number of exponents.”

Example: (4•5)6  = (4•5)(4•5)(4•5)(4•5)(4•5)(4•5)

= 4^65^6

The answer is  4^65^6 because there are 6 4’s and 6 5’s so you write it as 4^65^6 .





Science app Review

My science app that I have chosen is called “Balance”.

Define/Discover: This app is a fun and educational app where you have to set the power and create power lines to gives power to the cities. This app is great for students because it is a fun AND educational game/app. The steps are easy to understand, so any students would be able to understand the game.

This app can help you, learn about electricity and how it is sent to different cities. The problem that I noticed with many educational apps, is that they lack fun to them. They will teach you many things, but nit in a very fun way. This is why I enjoy this app so much. I have said it many times: “it is fun and educational!”


The app has many different levels that challenge you in figuring out how to produce the correct amount of power, to the correct amount of cities. The app has a few problems, such as a limited number of levels that you can beat. The game is well designed as there is a real-life problem (the use of electricity and how it is being made) so the creators have designed this game where different levels use different types of electricity.

Dream: If all pollution was eliminated, first starting with the pollution made from creating electricity, that would be amazing! This app shows you how some power is sent to different places. In the future I would like to invent something that creates power without creating pollution.


Design/Deliver: My plan is that I could try to invent a device that uses air, and compresses it enough so that the air is compacted and could then be put into a machine that expands it, and could somehow make electricity.

Debrief: This is an awesome app, that is a fun way to use electricity and think and create ways for the elctricity to get to the cities. I spent a lot of time trying to find an app that is fun, AND educational, so when I found this app I was very happy. If the app could improve, I would like it to have an option of designing your own way to get the electricity to the cities. This app is great!!