Monday September 18th, 2023

Good Afternoon!


  1.  Terry Fox Assembly and Run as well as sticker information has gone out to teachers.

*Terry Fox:

  1. We need to formalize plan today for grade prizes so that it can go on social media.

b) post to social media (today) (new Canva with grade challenges).

2) Update the Terry Fox Run morning announcements?  If not, they need to be for all next week.

3. Collection of money!

*Pieces of Me Project: Due September 18th, 2023

*Clubs Day:  Gallery Walk of posters as well as checklist to ensure all clubs are done!

*Truth and Reconciliation Assembly (Friday September 29th) :  all hands on deck!  Just want to give you a head’s up.

*Looking ahead to October:  What should we plan and what usually occurs in October?!


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