Daily Archives: September 7, 2023

Thursday September 7th, 2023

Good Afternoon!

Reminders:  Pancake Breakfast Friday September 8th, 2023.  Volunteers: Adela, Connor, Nagham, Sophie, Shyla, Jenalynn.  We will have to make sure you have Green Shirts!

* Leadership Course Outline

Leadership 10-12 Course Outline

*Getting to know each other:  Groups of 3 –you are to create an icebreaker to present to the larger class.  Your icebreaker must

1) Give an idea to the class about who each of you are…

2) Must include physical movement:)

3) Showcase how each of you in your group of 3 might approach a challenging situation:)

4)  Have Fun!

*Goal Setting

How to write SMART goals

Forbes: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Goals

What goals to you want for yourself?  Create SMART goals

1) In terms of Leadership

2) In terms of this year at Riverside

3) In terms of building and creating your legacy at Riverside