Friday March 3rd, 2023


*I am on a field trip with my English First Peoples class.  Please email if you have any questions!

Friday Writes:  What makes a scary story?  Brainstorm together and share out your ideas.

*Your task:  you are to write a scary story.  Please think of all the elements that make up a scary story! (40 minutes or so)

*Watch Video Below for ideas.

*After your Friday Write, please continue with the activity from yesterday.  You received a blank piece of paper.  On the front you were to create 3 columns and you were to use the “Analyzing Poetry” document (Tuesday’s post) to analyze the three poems:  What do I Remember of the Evacuation, Walking on Two Sides of an Invisible Border, and Caged Bird.

-If stuck –look to white board as it is drawn out…

-On the back side, you are to create a 3 way Venn Diagram.  When you are done, pin your Venn Diagrams to the back Wall…

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