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Wednesday February 22nd, 2023

Good Morning!


*Reminder:  Prose Fictions and Indigenous Terms Quiz Thursday February 24th, 2023

*No Red Ink:  Embedding Quotations

Additional Terms for Quiz:

Decolonization is a social and political process aimed at resisting and undoing the multifaceted impacts of colonization and re-establishing strong contemporary Indigenous Nations and institutions based on traditional values, philosophies, and knowledge systems.

Blood Memory: is a term often used by Indigenous Peoples to refer to memories stored in one’s body cells and passed on genetically. It is also referred to as a genetic memory or cellular memory.  Blood memory is often described as one’s ancestral or genetic connection to one’s language, songs, ceremonies, land, teachings, etc.

Let’s Recap Some Big Ideas:

1) 7 Sacred Teachings:  Ms. Jackson will be back on Thursday March 2nd.

2) 4 Sacred Medicines


3)  Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being:  What does this mean?

Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Being

First Peoples Principles of Learning



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Discussion Questions:

  • Analyze together as a class, how did the stories Thomas King shared about his mother and father influence him?
  • In the first third of the essay, he discusses how personal stories affect our lives, but they generally don’t go beyond us and the people close to us. Now he will move on to creation stories and the impact that they have on cultures and, sometimes, the world.
  • Read/continue listening to 35:05 minutes…two creation stories