Monday February 6th, 2023

Stereotypes & 8th Fire “Indigenous in the City

Good Morning!


*Silent Reading

Reflection:  Questions to think about

  • What is the definition of stereotype?
  • Can stereotypes be positive?
  • How can stereotypes be
  • How have stereotypes impacted you or people you know?
  • What is success? By what standards is success measured?

People Search

  1. Where are they from? What is their ancestry? Locate it on a map
  2. What have they done in their lives? Schooling, etc.? Why are they famous?
  3. What challenges have they faced? What successes?
  4. What are their contributions to society?
  5. Anything else?
  • Steve Keewatin
  • Winnipeg’s Most
  • Lee Maracle
  • Kent Monkman
  • Jordin Tootoo
  • Renee Pelletier

Regroup and share out. New groups should answer this question after everyone has shared:

  • What connections can be made between the successes of all of the celebrities?


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