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Wednesday October 5th, 2022

Good Morning!

Reminder:  Short Story Test Wednesday October 12th.

*No Red Ink:  Building Compound and Complex Sentences/Formatting Titles

*Synthesis Essays:  Yesterday, I asked you to work on a venn diagram looking at the theme of your choice as well as two stories you chose.  Try to find “groupings” in your venn diagram so that these could be developed into body paragraphs.

At this point, you should be working on your essay outline


Wednesday October 5th, 2022



1)  Reading comprehension (Thursday October 6th):  You will be given a short story to read.  You will then answer 8 or 9 multiple choice questions and write a paragraph response (you can’t really study for this other than review how to structure a paragraph response).

2)  Short Stories Unit Test:  Wednesday October 12th.

What to prepare:

Stories on Test:

1)Identities                              2)  Long Long After School

3) A Teachers’ Rewards         4) The Most Dangerous Game

5) The Waltz                             6) Borders

7) Dave Cooks a Turkey

-know your prose fiction terms  and how to apply terms to the short stories

-Short Answers including synthesis questions between the stories

*No Red Ink:  Building Compound and Complex Sentences/Formatting Titles

*I will give you 30 minutes to work on your essays.  My hope is that you will have a peer look over what you have so far and give you some feedback on the direction that you are going…..



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*Analyzing Poetry:  Choose an appropriate song –one that you connect with.  You will analyze your song following the steps in the “Analyzing Poetry” resource.