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Monday September 26th, 2022

Good Morning!

*Indian Horse:  Read Chapters 19-23

Groups:  In small groups, you will discuss the following questions

1)  Why would father Quinney allow father Leboutilier to build the hockey rink if it demonstrates savage and sin in the eyes of the school?

2) Why do you think father Leboutilier is helping Saul when he gets into trouble with the nuns and priests at school? Why does he favor Saul? (This is before he begins to play hockey, and is just cleaning the ice)

3) Hockey seems to be an escape for Saul’s every day horrors. What do you think may have happened to Saul if he had not had hockey?

4) Do you think father Leboutilier is only being kind and good hearted of Saul because he holds great potential in the game of hockey, or is it because is it because he is actually a good, caring person and is kind hearted?

Skywoman Falling: We didn’t have time to work on the questions below…

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  • What is Kimmerer’s purpose in “Skywoman Falling”?
  • Analyze the essay structure? What major shift happens and what effect does it create?
  • Identify at least three literary or rhetorical devices that help contribute to Kimmerer’s purpose.