Thursday February 18th, 2021

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*”What do I Remember of the Evacuation?”

*What are the similarities/differences between “The Jade Peony” and “What Do I Remember of the Evacuation?”

*Essay Template below if interested for you synthesis essay…

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The Great Gatsby:  Chapter 7 Discussion Questions

-What was the “turning point” in the showdown when it became apparent that Gatsby was not going to “win” this confrontation? Exp

-What could Gatsby have done differently, for a possible different outcome? Explain.

-When Gatsby declares that Daisy “never loved” Tom and asks Daisy to tell Tom this, Daisy answers indirectly and then later says “I never loved him,” but with “perceptible reluctance.” Why does Daisy answer indirectly and then state this reluctantly? Why does Gatsby need her to say this? Explain.

-What causes Daisy to become frightened, withdraw from the encounter, and lose any courage she had possessed? Explain.

-Is Daisy and her words the catalyst to the demise of Gatsby’s American Dream?

Chapter 8

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