Wednesday February 3rd, 2021

Good Morning!

What is Acceptance?  Write down a definition of this term on the piece of paper provided. We will share our thoughts on what this means.  This is a concept I want you to think about over the next two months in our class…. We didn’t get a chance to do this yesterday…but I would like to today:)

The Great Gatsby:  This can be found under ‘files’ on Teams. 

What is the American Dream vs.  What is the Canadian Dream?  Let’s go over our ideas!

*What did we learn of the roaring 20’s and prohibition?

-The Roaring 20’s

-Prohibition in the United States

Read aloud:  The Great Gatsby:  Chapter 1

-The Roaring 20’s

-Prohibition in the United States

-Character Traits:  Brainstorm traits to describe characters…. what traits describe Nick, Daisy, Tom, Jordan?

The Lost Generation: Background info….

1920’s F.Scott Fitgerald’s short story “Bernice Bobs Her Hair” looks at the tension between traditional feminine values and the liberation of the Jazz age, themes the author revives in The Great Gatsby

1922 T.S. Eliot’s The Wast Land prefigures Lost Generation writing  in its exploration of the disintegration of culture –including empty sex and loss of spiritual meaning.

1926 The Sun Also Rises Ernest Hemingway, in The Sun Also Rises delves into the themes of love, death and masculinity.

1930-36 John Do Passos explores the American Dream with the stories of 12 characters in his U.S.A. trilogy…

The Great Gatsby:  chapter 2

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