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Tuesday December 8th, 2020

Good Afternoon!

Short Story Test: Thursday December 10th (A-L)  and Friday December 11th (M-Z) …sorry everyone…it is a tight timeline!

What to prepare:

Stories on Test:

1)Identities                              2)  Long Long After School

3) A Teachers’ Rewards         4) The Most Dangerous Game

5) The Waltz                             6) Borders

7) Dave Cooks a Turkey

-know your prose fiction terms (which your quiz is on today) and how to apply terms to the short stories

-Short Answers including synthesis questions between the stories

-1 new story with multiple choice and a paragraph (so review the paragraph template).


*Today, we are starting with our quiz on short story and rhetorical (arguments) terms. You will have an hour to write this…


*Peer Editing of Synthesis Essay:  How are our essays coming along?

*”Dave Cooks a Turkey”: audio



In groups, look for devices and humour used in Stuart MacLean’s “Dave Cooks a Turkey”.  On office 365 or whatever you may choose, find examples of humour throughout the short story.  What techniques did Maclean use to create humour?


*Time to work on Essays ….


Online Learners (A-L)

*prepare for the short story test on Thursday

*ensure your Wednesday Write is uploaded by tonight.

*Work on Synthesis essay

*No Red Ink…