Wednesday February 19th, 2020

Good Afternoon,

*Reminder: Quiz on Thursday February 20th on Prose Fiction terms, what is style and rhetorical devices “arguments”.

*Synthesis essay on “Long Long After School” and “A Teachers’ Rewards” is due on Friday February 21st.

*No Red Ink:  Building Compound and Complex Sentences 4-7

How Stuart McLean helped define us

What Rhetorical devices can you use to help you add humour in your writing?  Refer to rhetorical devices resource and as a group, brainstorm


In groups, look for devices and humour used in Stuart MacLean’s “Dave Cooks a Turkey”.  On office 365 or whatever you may choose, find examples of humour throughout the short story.  What techniques did Maclean use to create humour?

How Stuart McLean helped define us

*Quick search: The role of men and women in the Victorian Era…What would it have been like to be a man or a woman living during the Victorian Era?  Search out the history of this time period then answer this question….

*Read aloud the short story “The Waltz”.

*Write a few paragraphs from the short story “The Waltz” but from the perspective of the man 🙂

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