Thursday October 17th, 2019

Good Morning!

*Analyzing Poems:  In groups, you will be going through the analyzing poetry resource and applying it to the three poems we studied:  “Walking on two Sides of the Border”, “What do I remember of the Evacuation”, and “Caged Bird”.  We will do this on larger paper so we can post/gallery walk

*Head’s Up:  You should be studying your poetry terms…we will be having a poetry quiz on the terms in the next week.

*After the analysis of the three poems is complete, you will continue with your group and create a three way venn diagram.  Each circle on the diagram will represent one of the three poems we have been studying.  Your task is to find the similarities/differences between the poems.  You will be doing this on large paper so that we can post around the room for a gallery walk.


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