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Thursday October 17th, 2019


*Head’s Up:  Your Essay rough copy must be done for Friday’s class.  You will be divided into partners to peer edit your essay. Question for essay:  Compare and/or Contrast Ms. Hancock and Charlotte’s mother and their influence on Charlotte.  At this point your drafts should be complete.

Tomorrow…you will go through the peer edit sheet below.


Today we are going to:

-Go over the poetry terms




-Class poem:  Each student must write a line of poetry that contains a poetic device.

We will then put the different lines of poetry together to make a poem…have some fun with it.

-Analyzing Poetry


-You will then have time to work on your essays for “The Metaphor”.  At this point you should be working on your rough draft of your essay.



Thursday October 17th, 2019

Good Morning!

*Analyzing Poems:  In groups, you will be going through the analyzing poetry resource and applying it to the three poems we studied:  “Walking on two Sides of the Border”, “What do I remember of the Evacuation”, and “Caged Bird”.  We will do this on larger paper so we can post/gallery walk

*Head’s Up:  You should be studying your poetry terms…we will be having a poetry quiz on the terms in the next week.

*After the analysis of the three poems is complete, you will continue with your group and create a three way venn diagram.  Each circle on the diagram will represent one of the three poems we have been studying.  Your task is to find the similarities/differences between the poems.  You will be doing this on large paper so that we can post around the room for a gallery walk.