Monday September 30th, 2019

Good Afternoon,

On Friday, we did our Friday Writes as well as watching the movie “2081”

*Today we will work on our three way venn diagrams…and go over.

*Building Understanding:  Please complete a “Building Understanding” for the short story “Harrison Bergeron”.  The essential questions are on the back bulletin board…

After watching a movie or listening to a TEDtalk or reading a piece of literature

*Please post your Building Understanding


-We will start to read a new short story “Forgiveness in Families”.  We will read this aloud…

*Discussion Question:

  1.  Which has the greater influence on child development, heredity or environment?
  2. This story explores issues such as sibling rivalry, lifestyles, jealousy, conformity and spiritual beliefs.  Were there any of these issues that touched you the most and why?

Short Story Summary

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