Monday February 11th, 2019

Good Morning,

On Thursday, we started on our synthesis essay of “Long Long After School” and “A Teacher’s Rewards” and on Friday we worked on “Friday Writes”.  The essay topics for the synthesis are below:

  1.  Childhood events can shape who we become as adults. How are Wes and Raybe influenced and shaped by their childhood experiences?
  2. Both Wes and Raybe are victims of discrimination. Explain what message the authors are saying about the harmful effects of society’s discrimination of individuals.
  3. Being a teacher means there is responsibility, care and trust of one’s students. A teacher is a role-model and can influence students.  Discuss Ms. Trethway and Ms. Scofield and their influence on their students.


a) choose a topic

b) Narrow your topic

c) Create a Venn Diagram

d) Create a Thesis Statement

Rhetorical Devices and Strategies:


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