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Friday February 1st, 2019

Good Afternoon,

*We will continue to read our novel “If I Should Die Before I Wake”.  We are now on chapter 3.

*Connecting ourselves to the world around us:

-Reminder…you should be reviewing your prose Fiction terms


-Yesterday, we worked on our paragraph template for our paragraph on “Identities”.  Today, we will continue with this and you should now be typing up your template into paragraph form.


Paragraph writing template

incorporating quotes


Friday February 1st, 2019

Good Morning,

On Thursday, we looked at the “yes/no chart” for Identities and looked at persuasive writing techniques as seen through commercials

We didn’t have a chance to look at the paragraph template…I would like to take a look at this template.

This is a paragraph that we will be submitting for marks

*Find Examples of ‘Irony’

Complete the document below as a group on office 365: