Tuesday January 8th, 2019

Good Morning!

*Any Books to return?

*Head’s Up: if you need to make up any tests or quizzes from throughout the semester, please be prepared for this test and/or quiz for Monday January 14th.

*Head’s Up: Last Day for late assignments is on Friday January 11th.

*Yesterday, we started a class activity…writing a ‘One Act Play’.  You have time to work on your script and act out your ‘play’.  If time, we will act these out at the end of class.  If not, we will perform these on Wednesday

*I have added some assignments to “No Red Ink”.  These may help you prepare in for your provincial exam …

  1. Thesis Statements
  2. Body paragraphs:  Embedding Evidence
  3. Body paragraphs:  Claims, Evidence and Reasoning
  4. Embedding Evidence:  Mechanics of Quotations
  5. Parallel Structure and Misplaced Modifiers

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