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Thursday October 11th, 2018

Good Morning

Yesterday we worked on No Red ink, finished reading “Borders” and worked on two worksheets on the short story.

*Short Story Terms Quiz:  If you missed this quiz, your opportunity to make it up is on Monday October 15th.  Please prepare.

*BC Colleges/Universities are here.  First floor Grade 12s go from 9:30-9:50.

*Reminder…there will be a short story test on Tuesday October 16th.

*We will go over the two worksheets below (you may need time to complete the second one…


Please Complete the two worksheets on Borders below for Friday October 12th.  We will discuss both of these tomorrow

What are Character traits?

What are some vocabulary terms that would help define character traits?

Graphic Organizer:  multi-venn diagram (or other way you want to organize) the character traits of the narrator in “Identities”, Wes in “Long Long After School”, Raybe in “A Teacher’s Rewards”, Rainsford (or General Zaroff) in “The Most Dangerous Game”, Dave in “Dave Cooks a Turkey”, The female narrator in “The Waltz”, or the mother (or boy) in “Borders….and yourself

How do character traits connect to theme?