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Tuesday January 9th, 2018

Good Morning!

*Reminder that your Inquiry group project is due this Friday.

-Narrative Writing:  You will receive a large piece of paper…
a. Draw an island using the materials provided. The island may be of
any size or shape.
b. Give your island a name: ‘Basketball Island,’ ‘Skull Island,’ etc.,
reflecting its shape or characteristics.
c. Identify and draw landmarks on your island: mountains, rivers,
caves, valleys, waterfalls, forests, etc.
Imagine that you are stranded on your island. You might have been there
for only a few days, or perhaps you have been there for several years.
a)  First you are going to tell the story of how you arrived on your island (flashback; exposition).
b) You are going to describe your island
c)  A natural disaster occurs on your island (a tidal wave, an earthquake, a fire, etc.).  Describe the events as they proceed, and tell how you survived the disaster.  (skill: building suspense)
*If time, you can work with your group on your Inquiry project