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Friday February 3rd, 2017

Happy Friday!

*Reminder:  We will have a short story terms quiz on Tuesday February 7th.  Please make sure you review the terms over the weekend.

Prose Fiction Terms Communications

Nuremburg laws

We will continue with our ‘Read Along” “If I Should Die Before I Wake”.  We are now on chapter 3.

-We will continue with our paragraph writing template on the short story “Identities”.  The question you are responding to is “Was the officer justified when he killed the man?”

*Your decision on the ‘Yes/No’ chart is essentially your topic sentence.

*Your arguments in the Yes and No boxes would be your supporting details.

-Once you write the templatc

-Connecting ourselves to the world around us

After watching a movie or listening to a TEDtalk or reading a piece of literature

Building Understanding for after reading literature or watching a video