Thursday September 22nd, 2016


-Yesterday we went over the marking rubric for the paragraphs, the short story summary for “House” as well as looking at Non-Fiction articles connected to our short story “House”.

B Block:  we will go over emergency drill procedures…we will be having a drill today during B Block.

*C Block will have to go over short story summary on “House”

-Due Today:  Paragraph on “Sam the Athlete”

email this paragraph to me.  If you are not using word, please copy/paste your paragraph into the body of your email otherwise I will not necessarily be able to open your document.  You should also post this paragraph to your Edublog.  please make sure to categorize your paragraph under English 10 and give the tag below…

*Tag: NelsonSABlockB

*in your email your subject line should have the same tag as your edublog.

-Yesterday, we started a “Building Understanding” and connected our short story “House” to some non-fiction articles and photo depictions of how children throughout the world live.  You were to choose one of these options and complete a “Building Understanding”.

-This Building understanding will also be posted to your Edublog:

*Tag:  BUHouseBlockB

-share some of the questions that you connected to…

-If time internet search:  How do people live in other parts of the world.  Choose one country and investigate.

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