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This video is about my opinion about the use of social media. It tells why social media is useful to us. It allows us to get in touch with people across the world. Remember long time ago, we used to call family or friends using a phone card, which is expensive and not easy to operate. With the use of social media, we can talk instantly using our mobile phone so long as the phone is connected to the web. Also, you can gain useful information from social media, if we use it wisely and properly. There are great teachers on Youtube. you can get free quality lessons on Youtube such as math, science, social, music, and many others. You can learn everything you want. A picture is worth a thousand words! We can watch news as well. For those who have negative impression on social media, please reconsider the use of social media and use it for your own good. As the number of users who use social media is increasing, it is getting more important to the public. People have different perspectives and thoughts, so the way they think about social media is different as well. Some people think social media is harmful to people, but some people don’t. Some people who think social media is harm more than good is because they are not utilizing it properly. They don’t understand what benefits of social media will bring to them. They have to change their perspective before they use social media. With negative thoughts, they wouldn’t gasp fruitful benefit by the use of social media. However, people with positive thoughts on the use of social media think that it is always useful to them. Therefore, I hope people to change their view about social media first.