Technology video essay assignment


With the advent of technology, people’s lives have been improved in many ways, such as convenience, speed, and opportunity of today’s society. Some people argue that today’s technology have caused harm to their lives and to the society. However, technology has brought great advancements in all aspects of life. The speed of the today’s society is the major improvement that is caused by advance in technology. In the past, people went to a library or a book store to find a book that gives an information, but people just google to find any information, or even find an expert of a certain area with less time in these days. Nowadays, people also just send e-mails to contact with someone who lives miles away, instead of going to a post office and send mails that takes a week or more. Furthermore, another aspect that is caused by advance in technology is a convenience of today’s society. Nowadays, people can order an item, food, or grocery at their home and someone delivers the item. However, people had to go shopping for everything in the past. Also, students or business people do not have to carry thick heavy books or files. They only need a device such as a laptop, or an iPad. They can edit a document, read a book, watch a movie, draw, and do everything. Last but not least, advance in technology has brought more opportunities in the society. In the past, it was almost impossible to find a job, or to attend schools in another country, or even in other parts of the same country. However, people can now easily find a job or place to study from anywhere in the world. In addition, you have a chance to meet people from other countries. Like any other things, cons also exist alongside the pros of technology. The most of arguments are about addiction to certain aspect of technology such as smartphones and games, or technology taking over people’s job. However, addiction is not entirely caused by the improvement in technology. It greatly depends on how people use it. Addiction can be fixed easily if people are determined to come out of it; it really depends on their minds. It is about people themselves’ mind. With concerns of technology taking over people’s job, new jobs related to that technology arises, so it does not matter too much.