Canadian studies

Canadian Studies                                                                                                                                          Name:___Mike______________________


Canada: A People’s History


New Lands


  1. Christopher Columbus is credited with discovering North America in 1492. He first landed in the Caribbean Islands.  Where did he think he landed? ______India ____________
  2. Like all the other European explorers, what was he looking for?

__Passage to Asia ______________________________________________________________________________________

  1. John Cabot was the first modern explorer to land in what will become Canada in 1497. Which are area did he land in?  (hint: it will later become a province of Canada). _____New Foundland ______________________________
  2. What valuable resource did they discover that many Europeans traveled across the Atlantic for?

____In expensive raw material ____________________________________________________________________________________

  1. Why did a Portuguese explorer bring 50 Newfound First Nations people back to Lisbon?


  1. What happened to these people?

____They found the people dead .____________________________________________________________________________________


The Land God Gave to Cain

  1. In 1534, Jacques Cartier was looking for a passage to the East to the Orient. Where did he end up travelling instead? __________________________Hudson bay ______________________________________________________________
  2. What happened to Cartier on his second voyage?

_He claimed land for France ._______________________________________________________________________________________


Northwest Passage

  1. Where did all of these explorers believe Canada was located in the world?

_The thought Canada was India . .______________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Henry Hudson traveled north through the Arctic in hopes of finding a new route to China but instead discovered Hudson’s Bay. Like Cartier, his ship became stuck by the harsh weather as well.  Fortunately though, this allowed them to trade with the First Nations there.  They traded furs for goods made from metal.  This would become important because this area would be the base for which one of the biggest companies in the world would start out that still exists today.  What is the name of the company?

____The big store is Hudson’s bay .____________________________________________________________________________________


The Pacific

  1. Captain James Cook was travelling up the west coast of North America and ended up discovering the west coast of Canada which they named “Nootka”. What did they do with the First Nations people there?

___They fought them ._____________________________________________________________________________________


An Air of Savage Magnificence

  1. Nootka Sound became an important trading post in the west for the next 25 years because the First Nations people came to depend upon the metal goods from the Europeans. However the First Nations and whites did not get along that well.  Why?

___Because the Europen people want the new land ._____________________________________________________________________________________



  1. Following the massacre on the trade ship Boston the Coastal people had a potlatch. What is a potlatch?

_Celebration a  party ._______________________________________________________________________________________