The summery of the Grinch stole Christmas

This story is about a Grinch live in the cave , he is very hate of the Christmas ,no one know the reason , perhaps is noisy , when the Christmas is began , the people will sing under the tree , and the children will have a fun to play ,so he got a awful idea, he got a red hooks that he act like Stant, and he make his dog Max to become deer , and than he began to the village , to stole the Christmas , he was thought he must stole the Christmas , so he began to come from the chimney and began to stole the present, and Christmas tree , and some toys , when he began to stole , a little girl was waked up , she said to the Grinch: Santa, why you take the Christmas tree away ?” The Grinch said : I want to make the Christmas tree , beautiful .” and than he stole the feast food a lot , and than he back to the cave , after he back to the cave , he just think they will be cry and shock ,but he heard the voice and Christmas song , he feel regret , because what ever he stole the Christmas things , but the Christmas never stop , In fact , the Christmas is not the physical things , it is exactly things , that people understand ,so the Grinch come back and give the present and things back , so he began to eat the feast with the Children .

The story is about the Grinch stole the Christmas , and I learn that Christmas is not a physical things , or present and Christmas tree.

I like the second movie best , because it look like funny and good ,and it main idear is same , and it tell us lot of meaning about the story , and we can learn lot from the Christmas .