Mutations story 2

I need to research the definition of the mutation, and what is the positive negative mutation .I use the book and the computer to find out , because I like this project so I use so many years to find out ,because I use the internet to find out . I use the text book to check something from the mutations I have done the positive mutations better.


The mutations story 1

In 2037 ,there is a military science technology office operation base , is research a weapon, is for gentic , but however , the bottle of the gentic is broken , my name is mike , I am a secuirty of this base , so the army suddenly close the lab room ,I was infection the mutation viruls. and close it forever , so the mutation virus come around and all the poeple dead ,so what is a mutation ? , a mutation is a permanent alteration of the nucleotide sequence of the genome of an organism, virus, or extrachromosomal DNA or other genetic elements. but for this solution it is a virus , so if the virus is coming don’t stay near it , it change the scientist DNA , but for me the DNA in my body , have the different change , I have super power for that , so that is positive mutation , so I become faster than other people, and I become live forever, but other people for the infection , become zombine.

My muscle cell become very big , and the life cell become more alive and the dead cell are all alive. And my blood cell become more .When the infection is over, the doctor check that I am the only survival from this infection.

The introduction of the mars and Urane

Mars is often Called the red planet ,because the iron in its surface rocks gives it that colour . Despite being half the size of Earth , Mars has about the same amount of surface area . Several extraordinary features mark is surface ,such as a volcano that is tree times higher than mount Everest and an 8 KM deep canyon that would stretch from Vancouver from Toronto .Mars has a very thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide and an can experience winds of more than 900 km/h. Dust storms can over cover the whole planet and last for weeks , Mars has two polar ice caps .

Uranus is the fourth most massive planet in the solar sys tem. A gas giant , It has a similar composition to jupiter and Saturn , including a ring system composed of ice and dust . The planet

gets its distinctive blue color from the methang gas in its atmosphere .Uranus has an usual rotation in that in that it is flipped on its side . As a result, it appears to be roiling through its around the Sun.


The foot print change

The foot print is a good memory for everybody, like if you go some where with your parents or you friend , there are also can leave the foot print .
The foot print can be introduce in many ways , like many children play at beach that is foot print , or it can be mean in another way , or you make effort to do sth , it can also leave the foot print .

The foot print are also meaning a commemorate like if a althlate do the better things in the sports centre , we can also say he make a foot print from here .

Science App Review

1.what is a app ? App is an abbreviated form of the word “application.”  An application is a software program  that’s designed to perform a specific function directly for the user or, in some cases, for another application program.

2.Does it actually teach the user ?Yes, because the A+ Spelling Tests app is a must-have for all elementary classrooms. Students can practice their spelling words, while teachers can can track how they are doing. Next to each spelling test students and teachers can see their results. Other great features include the ability to instantly see if you are right or wrong, unscramble mode to help sharpen spelling skills, and the ability to submit tests through email

3.Does the app be understand quickly? yes, because when you want to uploading something or learn something you can find at the app.

  1. what aspect of your Science class does it adress? It’s the kahoot , we always use it.
  2. Why people made the mobile app? It is people tired to use product , so they invented the app.
  3. how to creature a app ? to click create the app, and than click it again ,and login your password, and it become a app.

7. Can the app help students learn scientific content ? Yes it can Citizen science: Real-world applications for science students

Citizen science projects enlist everyday citizens to collect or analyze data for real-world research studies. This article suggests that bringing citizen science projects into the classroom can help students understand the relevance of curriculum objectives. Several projects are suggested, for elementary, middle, and high school.

  1. App have something to do with science? yes,it have. Take the best of SCIENCE with you wherever you go with the all-new app! Explore black holes, outer space, engineering, cutting-edge tech, and the latest on your favorite SCI programs like How It’s Made, Through the Wormhole and Fringe! Watch thousands of clips, share shows with your friends, and make sure you never miss an episode with the built-in schedule viewer