The poetry of the simile and metaphor

Decide whether each sentence contains a simile or a metaphor. Underneath, write the word SIMILE if the sentence contains a simile or write the word METAPHOR if the sentence contains a metaphor.

  1. The baby was like an octopus, grabbing at all the cans on the grocery store shelves.
  2. Metaphor
  3. As the teacher entered the room she muttered under her breath, “This class is like a three-ring circus!” simile
  4. The giant’s steps were thunder as he ran toward Jack. Metaphor
  5. The pillow was a cloud when I put my head upon it after a long day. metaphor
  6. I feel like a limp dishrag. simile
  7. Those girls are like two peas in a pod. simile
  8. The fluorescent light was the sun during our test. metaphor
  9. No one invites Harold to parties because he’s a wet blanket. Metaphor
  10. The bar of soap was a slippery eel during the dog’s bath. Metaphor



In the poem “ skinny ‘’ there are cromatopocia popped.

Sloosh –swoosh , and glug glug – that sound like water .

That is rhyme

Mefuninn and thin

Plug and glug

Night and sight

High and sky



The little blue engine

Onomatopoeia Crash, smash ,bash they sound like a crash .

Rhyme hill, shrill small, tall strain main sigh try rough , enough .