The lady or tiger paragraph.

The tiger was behind the door , because I think from the story , it tell us the king was a bad person and he some times are talking with himself , and even let other people mad , and his daughter was as same as him too , and they let the man to choose the door one door , the door may be behind is lady , maybe behind a tiger, but the tiger’s  possible is more than the lady’s possible . Because from the beginning of the story , we know the king is a negative person , and he is wild and violent , he wouldn’t let this man save his life ,so I think the tiger was behind the door .

The movie trailer


Cole is a very arrogant, he believes that everything should be afraid of him. One day he met bear, found that bears are not afraid of him, so on and beat up and almost died. He was lying under the tree, on the ground of moss, insects, such as rain, together with the meal. After the death of the wild to survive, let him look at the animal and natural fight, fight for the chance to survive, but also feel that he is only part of the biosphere. Healed the wound, he took a new mood to exile. he has a new understanding of life


This story Touch spirit bear ,was happened in America , in 1904 years , and this story not only tell us people should respect each other .,and from this character Cole , we know he was a bad boy ,and he even he did every thing that he want , he just know kill and beat , these two ways to solve the problem ,after Garvey and Edwin teach him , he become a good person


The forgiving   of  two people , between Cole and peter , because , Cole was beat peter so many years ago , and peter ‘s parents and peters lawyer , and peter decide let Cole to an island , no people at here , after Garvey and Edwin teach him , and Cole become a forgive person, and peter feel so angry , and he want kill himself , peter not only feel sad , and even he want to kill himself .and Cole stop him, don’t do it, and told Cole what the forgive is , so peter know he should forgive people, and than they became friend and they saw the spirit bear again .



The Canadian study work .

New France & British North America – The Final Fight for Canada


Just as the British and French took action against one another to counteract the other’s control in the fur trade, each built forts to along the Atlantic Coast to protect their interests.  These forts eventually became strong military bases.  Not only were they competing for control of the profitable fur trade, the world’s leading powers (Britain and France) had long been at war with one another; firstly throughout Europe, and later in North America as well.  Wars were won and lost, treaties were signed, and land exchanged hands.



  1. Above is an example of a political cartoon that relates to the time period. What does this cartoon represent?

_________The cartoon represent Britain and France and dividing the world , and Britain take a bigger piece ._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

  1. What does this map tell you about North American before the last war between the French and British?

_____Before the last war between French and British  , the French had more control of Canada than the British . _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The Final Struggle for Control in North America pg. 69


The last of these wars was the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763). It was fought over land both in Europe and in North America.  The French and British used different strategies throughout the war.  The French kept most of their soldiers in Europe so that their larger numbers could beat the English there.  The British were determined to defeat the French in North America so they sent seven to eight times the number of soldiers to North America.  The outcome of this war had an enormous effect on the history of Canada.


  1. Why did this war have such an enormous impact on the history of Canada?

____This war had such an enormous impact of history of

Canada ,because the  British won the war. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



War in North America: A Three Pronged Attack pg. 70-71


  1. Looking at the map on page 70 in Canada Revisited, why was capturing these three forts strategically important?


___Capturing these three forts was strategically , important because it gave the British Control of the east coast ._____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



The picture is a famous depiction of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham.  It was the battle the decided the fate of Quebec.  Quebec was the centre of French power in North America.  The British capture of Quebec would mean the end of French control in North America.  North American would now be under British rule.  New France became British North America.


  1. How do you think the lives of the French that remain in British North American will change?

I think the lives of the French that remain in  British North America, will change they can’t speak French , they had to speak English , they couldn’t have their tradition .







The question

The question of the spirt bear chapter 20-21

The first question

  1. Why does Cole say sorry to the Garvey and Edwin ?
  2. Why does Edwin want to Cole to chose dance after dance after dinner ?
  3. Why Cole couldn’t help his parole office ,and just smile at him ?
  4. Why Garvey told Cole the spirit bear ?

The Chapter 19-20

Spirit Bear Chapter 19 & 20 Questions


1 Cole complains he can’t do it as soon as Edwin and Garvey, tell him he’s going to have to build the cabin all on his own.

2 . Cole would not admit when he was hungry because Cole chose to eat cold cereal .

  1. Pride has no place on the island means do right thing even if he is embarrassed.

4 . Cole learns from his whale dance a whale migrates but if doesn’t have home, Cole feels it like a whale .

  1. Cole has to carry a rock up the hill because with each step , you carry your ancestor with your mind ,he roll it down the hill because he imagine your anger rolling away .
  2. Garvey wants Cole to apologize to himself because Cole is making a mess with his life .
  3. Cole learned from his wolf dance that you need help of others like the wolf pack .
  4. I think he discovered that not to think to made his mind calm.
  5. The realization Cole came to as he rolled the ancestor rock down the was he can’t blame his ancestors for what he did.
  6. I think is a turning point for Cole .

Chapter 16 -17 question

  1. When Cole arrived back to the island, why do you think he decided not to take the unattended skiff and escape?
  2. What lesson is Garvey trying to teach Cole when he says, “The whole world is a hot dog”?
  3. Cole asks Garvey, “What is there to celebrate?” What does this reveal about Cole?
  4. If you were Cole, what would you be celebrating?
  5. Why do you think Cole starts to get angry when he’s trying to fall asleep?
  6. Explain the lesson Edwin tries to teach Cole using the stick.
  7. Why does Cole have the habit of being angry?
  8. Cole decided not to take the unattended skiff and escape because Cole know his life will be change .
  9. The lesson that Garvey want to teach Cole what the friendship is .
  10. When Cole asks Garvey ‘’ What is there to celebrate, this reveal Cole that Cole is free .
  11. If I am Cole I will celebrating that I am change , I am not that bad boy any more .
  12. I think Cole starts angry when he was fall asleep because he think that day is a happy day for it , and when he begin to sleep , he think , he can’t have a good time again .
  13. The lesson Edwin tries to teach Cole using the stick is let him to trust , don’t let him think escape skiff is the first step .
  14. Why does Cole have the habit of being angry because Garvey an Edwin was irked him .

Chapter 14 and 15 questions

  1. The initial is setting at the start of chapter 14 is a hospital parking lot.
  2. Garvey believed it was Cole ‘s mother’s silence, Cole ‘s injuries, because she didn’t make his dad hitting him.
  3. Angry is a memory never forgotten means people always remember why they are angry.
  4. You are in a battle with your body now means to fight to keep his body healthy.
  5. The term baggage refers to ‘’ Your father isn’t a bad person, but when he was younger, he had parents who beat him for every thing he did.
  6. Cole was happy to see Edwin come to speak at the circle, because Edwin knows Cole had change.
  7. Edwin’s demonstration show life has push Cole, Cole has change.
  8. It takes strength not to blame other people because it easy to blame other people.

The spirit bear question chapter 12-13

What was it that upset Cole the most when he was laying there confronted by the Spirit Bear?
What does Cole imagine himself as in his dream? What realization does Cole come to in his dream?
Why does Cole want to touch the Spirit Bear? What does he feel that he’s never felt before?
Why do you think that Cole never noticed that the world was beautiful before?
Cole was prepared to die because he had trusted and had been trusted? Why
was that enough for him?

Why does he ask where the at.oow was a number of times?
Even though he is badly injured, why does Cole say that he’s okay?
What emotion does Garvey display towards Cole when he’s getting tended to by
the nurse? What does Cole do that he never did before? (pg. 105)

What does Rosey tell Cole that he needs to heal?
10.Why does Cole not show Edwin and Garvey the fur from the Spirit Bear?

The thing that upset Cole more is dying alone .
Cole imagine himself is a bird , and he lived in a nest and the when the storming coming , the wind blow down the nest , and he even can’t leave the nest .
Cole want to touch the spirit bear because “he wanted to know what the animal felt like that killed him” (p 95).
Cole never noticed the world was beautiful before because he felt he was going to die and now he liked the world.
Because he can’t do any thing outside in the society and he feel that place is good , so it enough to him.
He was asking about the at.oow because he missed the blanket that Garvey gave him and it was special.
Because he wants to be strong.
The emotion that Garvey shows him is love. Because Cole never go to hospital before .
Rosey tell Cole he should heal his mind.
Because he didn’t want to prove he was right he wanted to be strong and tell the truth, “Never had he been wrong enough to simply tell the truth.” (p 111) and the bear become his friend