The reflection volcano eruption on video

1. The subduction zone
2. Earth crust
3. Plate boundary
4. Tsunami

2. The one piece of evidence could only affect the part of the earthquake; it couldn’t make a part of the earth quake. The follow part of the earthquake is relating to each other, so it caused the earthquake.

3. I learned that the BC, Washington and majority of south along to the east coast are experienced the ground shaking, there is the place that the magnitude earth quake would occurs anytime. I thought because the subduction zones along the west coast, it is extremely affected the city in Seattle and Vancouver.
4. There are a little eruption would affect the environment in Vancouver, but it only have a little chance for ash follow out to the van cover,if it flow to the Vancouver, it would cause a big trouble.

Emergency Kit

Emergency kit: prepare for the household:
1. ID card
2. Passport 1. Water emergency list
3. Medicine
4. Travel bags 2. Assign my region and address
5. Scissors
6. Hummer 3. Prepared BC household
7. Torch Light
8. Food 4. Pick a meeting spot from there
9. clothes
10. quilt 5. Offered someone to pick me at school
11. pillow
12. blanket 6. Apply something that special need
13. extra pair of glasses
14. insurance identify paper 7. Stored more food for use this week
15. medical card
16. personal perception 8. Create something grab and carbs

4 questions

1. There were a few reasons that caused errors during the lab. At first, each student had different distances when they walked. Secondly, each person took a different amount of time to finish. Lastly, some of the students’ speed was faster, while other students were slower. As a result, it was easy to have a few errors during the lab.
2. The seismometer station can only tell us how strong the earthquake was, but does not show where the waves came from. In addition, since the one seismometer station may not be able to measure the wave speed accurately, more than one station is needed to make sure the data is accurate.
3. In my view, the epicentre location can help determine the magnitude of the earthquake. As a result, scientists can usually identify the epicentre location and determine how strong the earthquake is. It is also a reminder to us about what kind of steps we can take when an earthquake occurs.
4. Before an earthquake occurs, we can use the collected data to identity the magnitude of the earthquake. This can help plan earthquake response programs in order to avoid injuries during the earthquake. Furthermore, it is our responsibility to be prepared and avoid heavy casualties from the earthquake. If people aren’t aware of how devastating the earthquake can be, they will not take it seriously and damage can be extensive.