systhnesis essay

Education is the necessary things that everybody are willing to be educate by your teachers and education; however, the educations is sometimes worse would drag people into the ill. Are the educations 100 percent perfect? According to the story “A teacher’s Reward” by author Robert Philips and the story “Long Long after School” by author Ernest Buckler discovered the quality of the education does not always depend on the students. Actually, it depends on the teachers using their best ways to educate well their students.

This two stories are show in nowadays our education system is not good enough. Sometimes, it is not adaptive to well educate the children. Also, the classical ways are planning to teach the children into a worse way of education. There is the evidence showed that Ms. Edward’s student Raye became worse as the reason of Ms. Edward’s education way is not appropriated for the students. It resulted with insult to Raye that enforce Raybe to loss of the confident in the story.“You did it a lot of times. He continued. In front of the whole class. They laughed at me.”(From page 384 in A Teacher’s reward). Also, Ms. Edward’s bad education make Simpson into prison for ten years. Also, this issue is clarified in this story, Ms. Edward believes herself to be a wonderful teacher in the school. Therefore, she met her own students that her student Simpson. He seemed that he was meet his teacher; however, he said that he hated his teacher Ms. Edward punished him hardly when he was a student. Ms. Edward was classified Simpson’s stuff as the reason of Simpson didn’t focus on his work during the class. However, he began to rebel to her teacher for revenge. Also, he stole his teacher’s stuff for revenge. Ms. Edward Uses a bad way to teach his students, also, his student didn’t know why he made this mistake and how he could avoid this mistake, he just knows that his teacher punished him is not an intelligent way for him. So he must set revenge.

In addition, in the story “Long Long after School”, Wes was the student in the school who was also punished by his teacher, he also hated his teacher very much. However, he finds out the reasons that his teacher punished him, he become clear that his teacher punished him is a benefit to him, therefore, he feels proud and sorry to his teacher. It is different from the “A teacher’s Reward.” It shows that different teachers have their different ways to educate students. The two different teachers from the two stories encouraged two students Wes and Simpson into extremely different personalities.

On the other hand, classical education does not work in the current education. Nowadays, teacher have their different ways on educate their students. Other teachers are trying to use the simple ways to solve the problems. Some teachers are prefer to use complex ways to teach their students. Therefore, most students hate punishment from their teacher such as hitting, insulting and classifying from their students. These educations are definitely break the student’s confident. Also, teacher always know that his student to pay attention and obey the rules, however, they never concerned on student’s mantle health. That makes student felt very disappointed. They would felt that their teacher was punished him. So, they have to stand on student’s shoes. To consider on why student make this serious mistake and how could I solve them and they would not complain to me. As a result, the student mantle health is more considerable for the teachers.

Overall, teachers are obliged to concerned about student’s mental health and are trying to use simple ways to let students know that issues they made are serious and the ways to avoid the problems. Also, they will know why their teacher punish or reward them.

The question on film for ethics

1. The main characters exhibit different ethics, such as different cultural and personal beliefs. Many examples support this claim, for instance, the wolf girl wanted to protect the forest and kill the bad woman named Bango. Bango cuts down many trees and she wanted her clan to become powerful and strong. Bango doesn’t care about the animals or the well-being of the ecosystem. She only cared about her own personal benefit and that of her clans. She is really violent and full of ambition.
2. The writer of the film wanted people to understand the nature of humanity. In addition, it showed us how bad our personalities can be. We always want to be rewarded with something good. We also want to get personal benefits from the environment. Do we really care the other lives that survive beside us?
3. In regards to the ethics from the film, I side with Oshtikia. He tries to allow the animals to further understand humans and allows other animals to understand them as well. As a result, they are able to understand each other as he reinforces to also reminder human and care for the animals.
4. From the movie, I saw the bad behavior from the humans and was certain we must do something to make the world a better place. Many people have damaged the ecosystem and destroyed many due to leisure and construction of many houses. From the movie, I think people should protect the ecosystem and not kill or hunt animals, otherwise natural will punish us.

The reflection volcano eruption on video

1. The subduction zone
2. Earth crust
3. Plate boundary
4. Tsunami

2. The one piece of evidence could only affect the part of the earthquake; it couldn’t make a part of the earth quake. The follow part of the earthquake is relating to each other, so it caused the earthquake.

3. I learned that the BC, Washington and majority of south along to the east coast are experienced the ground shaking, there is the place that the magnitude earth quake would occurs anytime. I thought because the subduction zones along the west coast, it is extremely affected the city in Seattle and Vancouver.
4. There are a little eruption would affect the environment in Vancouver, but it only have a little chance for ash follow out to the van cover,if it flow to the Vancouver, it would cause a big trouble.

Emergency Kit

Emergency kit: prepare for the household:
1. ID card
2. Passport 1. Water emergency list
3. Medicine
4. Travel bags 2. Assign my region and address
5. Scissors
6. Hummer 3. Prepared BC household
7. Torch Light
8. Food 4. Pick a meeting spot from there
9. clothes
10. quilt 5. Offered someone to pick me at school
11. pillow
12. blanket 6. Apply something that special need
13. extra pair of glasses
14. insurance identify paper 7. Stored more food for use this week
15. medical card
16. personal perception 8. Create something grab and carbs