5 drafts Friday Writes


Chita zombies
In the Chita, USSR, in 1973, the Soviet military decided to build the new technological war machines named Zombie dogs and zombie soldiers. General Markov was the commander to order this engine plan in the Chita unknown chemical factory. The Soviet scientist Eagle Makarov was the main engineer to finish this plan. Markov wanted to finish it soon; however, Makarov didn’t want to finish it very quickly. He just wanted to do it precisely. As a result, these two people were involved in an extreme conflict. Nevertheless, their conflict didn’t follow the process of the plan.
After 5 years, the USSR government sent several military officers to watch the process of the Soviet zombies. Soviet PM Andropov had signed this as a secret plan to defeat the United States but they didn’t know Markov has betrayed the USSR. At 2:00 am, December 3th, 1978, Markov opened the firearm storage room and brought an AK-74 rifle and Makarov pistol followed by one hundred men who attacked the chemical lab room. He kidnapped Makarov and forced him to speak out where the secret password of the zombie cage. Makarov said the truth and Markov shot him with his AK-74 rifle. Nevertheless, Markov underestimated the Soviet detective security forces (Alpha special troops belongs to organization of KGB). The Alpha came and shot the soldiers commanded by Markov and Markov released the zombies and he used his pistol to shoot himself……
On the next morning, Alpha troops moved into the factories; then, they saw two soviet soldiers were moved toward them who look like dead people. Then they shout them: “Comrade, we are the Alpha troops, please pull down your weapons and give up your resistance, you guys had pass the Soviet country law, please surrender now!” Then, the Alpha troops began to fire their guns and these two men were not dead.
“Eagle, what does the situation look like now?” the command of the Alpha troops general Chertoff asked his solider Eagle. “Well, sir we got the company, they really look like walking dead or vampires.” Eagle said on his contact phone. “Well, are they still attacking? Why they really like Vampires? “I don’t know sir! it seems like our weapons couldn’t hurt them.” “Well, how are you Eagle?” “I have to concentrate into the hall, please send the helicopter immediately!” Eagle shouted and then Eagle and his team quickly ran to the hall, he wanted to ambush the zombies, unfortunately, more zombie came around him and ate three of them, he shot 20 zombies down and then he pushed to the airport and waited to the reinforcement. “Ah………. Wow (The voice of throw up)” “Eagle? Eagle!”
Chertoff watched the video detective and he saw the horrible things on the video. Eagle was killed by two zombies and they just made his body into pieces by hands. Also, he saw a dog and he pushed two soldiers down and bit their face; additionally, for the two soldiers, their face were only left few muscles and most part on their face were bones; then they become terrible zombies. “Shit!” Chertoff said to himself in the headquarters in Komsomolsk. He quickly reported to Moscow, then the Soviet air force sent two Mig-25 fighter jests and one Tu-142 bomber to bomb the Chita chemical factory. Eagle’s assistant survived in this biochemical attack and then he reported to the headquarters. In 9 am morning in 1973, the air force sent one mi-17 helicopter and followed by two Mi-24 armour helicopters to take him away.