The question on film for ethics

1. The main characters exhibit different ethics, such as different cultural and personal beliefs. Many examples support this claim, for instance, the wolf girl wanted to protect the forest and kill the bad woman named Bango. Bango cuts down many trees and she wanted her clan to become powerful and strong. Bango doesn’t care about the animals or the well-being of the ecosystem. She only cared about her own personal benefit and that of her clans. She is really violent and full of ambition.
2. The writer of the film wanted people to understand the nature of humanity. In addition, it showed us how bad our personalities can be. We always want to be rewarded with something good. We also want to get personal benefits from the environment. Do we really care the other lives that survive beside us?
3. In regards to the ethics from the film, I side with Oshtikia. He tries to allow the animals to further understand humans and allows other animals to understand them as well. As a result, they are able to understand each other as he reinforces to also reminder human and care for the animals.
4. From the movie, I saw the bad behavior from the humans and was certain we must do something to make the world a better place. Many people have damaged the ecosystem and destroyed many due to leisure and construction of many houses. From the movie, I think people should protect the ecosystem and not kill or hunt animals, otherwise natural will punish us.