The essay paragraph

In my point of view, technology is mostly negative as people use it because technology is extremely threatening to our health. For instance, the majority of people have poor eyesight because they are relying on watching videos and playing video games for a long time. On the other hand, the assault on the internet always happens around us. The government is obliged to solve these issues. Nevertheless, the government didn’t reply to this at all. In addition, the hacker issues are appearing around us. They watch our information and steal them out. Also, they do destroy our internet service system. For instance: last year, the criminal hacker group stole a weapon from the US government called “forever blue.” This disease could kill your computer. It extremely interrupted our regular work. That means, if these kind of diseases attack your computer, your response was to give it the bitcoins. However, even if you give them the bitcoins, it would still destroy our system. I want people who indulge the computer to understand that they shouldn’t indulge the computer for a long time. Also, I want to people who work with IT to know how to avoid these issues, like bitcoins and internet assault. Although the modern technology promotes our life and people are appreciating technology, this also encourages the criminal behavior in society. However, we can avoid these problems. If somebody asks me if technology is better now, why would you argue the point of disadvantage? I would like to say: “Now, the disadvantages are spread more than the advantages on the technology as we used today because of all sort of problems that are listed above.” Every employee who is working in the IT company. He is obliged to use the internet for his work. However, he is not permitted to use the internet to do another things during their work time. In addition, this issue would waste our health and time for finish work. There are few ideas which seldom people try to use them.
Only way to avoid the bitcoins problem is shut down your computer and change another new one. (my friend Jack who worked at Microsoft company)
The high school year book attack the internet (KIRO RADIO News)
What the internet is doing to our brains (The Shallows)