The lady or tiger paragraph.

The tiger was behind the door , because I think from the story , it tell us the king was a bad person and he some times are talking with himself , and even let other people mad , and his daughter was as same as him too , and they let the man to choose the door one door , the door may be behind is lady , maybe behind a tiger, but the tiger’s  possible is more than the lady’s possible . Because from the beginning of the story , we know the king is a negative person , and he is wild and violent , he wouldn’t let this man save his life ,so I think the tiger was behind the door .

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Cole is a very arrogant, he believes that everything should be afraid of him. One day he met bear, found that bears are not afraid of him, so on and beat up and almost died. He was lying under the tree, on the ground of moss, insects, such as rain, together with the meal. After the death of the wild to survive, let him look at the animal and natural fight, fight for the chance to survive, but also feel that he is only part of the biosphere. Healed the wound, he took a new mood to exile. he has a new understanding of life


This story Touch spirit bear ,was happened in America , in 1904 years , and this story not only tell us people should respect each other .,and from this character Cole , we know he was a bad boy ,and he even he did every thing that he want , he just know kill and beat , these two ways to solve the problem ,after Garvey and Edwin teach him , he become a good person


The forgiving   of  two people , between Cole and peter , because , Cole was beat peter so many years ago , and peter ‘s parents and peters lawyer , and peter decide let Cole to an island , no people at here , after Garvey and Edwin teach him , and Cole become a forgive person, and peter feel so angry , and he want kill himself , peter not only feel sad , and even he want to kill himself .and Cole stop him, don’t do it, and told Cole what the forgive is , so peter know he should forgive people, and than they became friend and they saw the spirit bear again .