The Chapter 19-20

Spirit Bear Chapter 19 & 20 Questions


1 Cole complains he can’t do it as soon as Edwin and Garvey, tell him he’s going to have to build the cabin all on his own.

2 . Cole would not admit when he was hungry because Cole chose to eat cold cereal .

  1. Pride has no place on the island means do right thing even if he is embarrassed.

4 . Cole learns from his whale dance a whale migrates but if doesn’t have home, Cole feels it like a whale .

  1. Cole has to carry a rock up the hill because with each step , you carry your ancestor with your mind ,he roll it down the hill because he imagine your anger rolling away .
  2. Garvey wants Cole to apologize to himself because Cole is making a mess with his life .
  3. Cole learned from his wolf dance that you need help of others like the wolf pack .
  4. I think he discovered that not to think to made his mind calm.
  5. The realization Cole came to as he rolled the ancestor rock down the was he can’t blame his ancestors for what he did.
  6. I think is a turning point for Cole .