The character starts

In “The Stolen Letter,” the chief is not a good chief of police because he is a careless, foolish, and greedy. The chief didn’t put anything away carefully,  make it mass,  he is also not careful to find when the detective

ask him to find again.  He also foolish, because from the story , if he knew some one are going to stolen the latter, why he doesn’t security the latter.  He is  greedy too, he said he want to give the detective money if the detective find the latter , but when the detective find the latter, he didn’t give it. The Mr. Duping is a clever man , because when the chief lose the latter , he just want to chief to search house again , he doesn’t help chief to find the thief Minister Danton.  He is very careful too, because chief doesn’t put the latter away carefully , but he find it , so that is why I think he is careful.  he is a very good detective  , because in every where in Paris , he helped a lot of people to find the thief , find the people lose things. The Minster is a dangerous person, because the chief’s person always look and spy him.  he is also a bad person because he always stolen some important thing from the story.  he is  a Clever thief too , and he always hide somewhere that police or detective can’t find him.

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