There was a monster come to the beach

The monster come to the beach picture

There was a monster came to the beach

one year in summer vocation , Mike and lot of friends were play on the beach , and there were very happy , someone were swimming in the sea, and someone are play volley ball on the beach ,and some one are play boat in the sea ,Mike and some friends are playing volley ball on the beach, and they had a good time, but however a good time never long , a suddenly thing broken this silence , a kind of monster was came from the sea and it began to attack people , and every body shocked each other , and quickly run away , several people are hurt from the attack , a little person dead, than Mike began to call the police , after six hours attack , this is monster had been arrested by the police , and then the police man sent it to the science office , the scientist found out this animals is a unknown animals, it name is sea hedgehog , from long time ago , when Mike think this , He always said: ” It was too scared .”There were lot of thing we have not find yet, so we should continue the space .

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