The story 1

The rich man

From a long time ago there is a rich man named Brown , that he was very negative ,when someone ask for help , he never help any one , even let some sick people to the hospital. So , he is very negative in everybody’s eye , and every body don’t like him , they always call him the bad rich guy . But he never mind , why , money , so that is he exactly that he wants but money , one day, He walks on the street ,and he saw a poor old woman near the story , and the old woman ask him for money , he doesn’t give it , and he used the rude language to insult the old poor woman . and the poor woman are very upset , she said: Mr.Brain ,you are so bad . But he doesn’t care , so he run away . and there will lot of village near his house ,need help with him , he doesn’t help ,any one , and every body hate him very much , one day he suddenly fall down in the lake ,and he said: Help! Help! Help me! No one are going to help  him, only an old man were fishing help him, so he understand , help people is the good behavior in the world , than Mr.Brain  become a good man , He just look like change a person.