The introduction of the mars and Urane

Mars is often Called the red planet ,because the iron in its surface rocks gives it that colour . Despite being half the size of Earth , Mars has about the same amount of surface area . Several extraordinary features mark is surface ,such as a volcano that is tree times higher than mount Everest and an 8 KM deep canyon that would stretch from Vancouver from Toronto .Mars has a very thin atmosphere of carbon dioxide and an can experience winds of more than 900 km/h. Dust storms can over cover the whole planet and last for weeks , Mars has two polar ice caps .

Uranus is the fourth most massive planet in the solar sys tem. A gas giant , It has a similar composition to jupiter and Saturn , including a ring system composed of ice and dust . The planet

gets its distinctive blue color from the methang gas in its atmosphere .Uranus has an usual rotation in that in that it is flipped on its side . As a result, it appears to be roiling through its around the Sun.


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