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A Little About Me


1) What is Your Favorite Quote: “You can’t grow unless you leave your comfort zone” – Jhun  I chose this quote as my favourite because I use to just stay in the house and not participate in any group activities and I felt lonely. And one day I tried to join a dance team and got accepted because I wanted to lean how to dance. At first I was nervous, I had trouble following the steps and my group mate helped me and I got better and started making friends.

2) What is Your Favorite YouTube Clip: None

3) Find a Picture that has Impacted You: I chose this picture because it shows resilience. it shows that you can still grow in bad situations

4) What is Your Favorite Website: youtube  because i can watch so many things in this website

5) The History of Your Birthday: On Jan. 26 2017 I had a math midterm test and just slept the rest of the day.


I had played in the riverside Jr. Boys Volleyball team with Mr. Brett as Coach. It was my very first time trying out for a team and I had a lot of fun playing this sport.
I also like to draw tribal drawings

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