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Week 9: How to convert from General form to Standard form

This week in Pre Calc 11 I learned how to convert general form into standard form. I will show you how it uses completing the square but it a little different from last unit of solving quadratic equations. In this unit it helps us graph what the function will look like (this should look like a parabola)

Converting from General Form to Standard form.

ex/ 2x^2 -11x +4

Step 1: Place brackets around 2x^2-11x , then divide by 2 to getx^2 instead of 2x^2

  • (2x^2 -11x) +4
  • 2(x^2 - \frac{11}{2}x ) +4

Step 2/3: Divide \frac{11}{2}x by 2 and square it; place it in two blank spaces beside \frac{11}{2}x one being added and one being subtracted.

  • 2(x^2 - \frac{11}{2}x +{blank} - {blank}) +4
  • 2(x^2 - \frac{11}{2}x +\frac{121}{16} - \frac{121}{16}) +4

Step 4: Multiply the 2 you factored out in step 1 to \frac{121}{16} to remove it from the brackets.

  • 2(x^2 - \frac{11}{2}x +\frac{121}{16}) +4 -\frac{242}{16}

Step 5: Factor the inside of the brackets.

\star Hint: What you squared in step 2/3 is you factor.

  • 2(x^2 - \frac{11}{2}x +\frac{121}{16}) +4 -2\frac{242}{16}
  • 2(x - \frac{11}{4})^2 -\frac{242}{16} + 4

Step 6: Simplify

  • 2(x - \frac{11}{4})^2 -\frac{242}{16} + 4
  • 2(x - \frac{11}{4})^2 -\frac{121}{8} + 4
  • 2(x - \frac{11}{4})^2 -\frac{121}{8} + \frac{32}{8}
  • 2(x - \frac{11}{4})^2 -\frac{89}{8}

Final Answer: 2(x - \frac{11}{4})^2 -\frac{89}{8}

You can check if you have done your calculations correctly by using

\star notice how both equations line up perfectly, this means that both are equivalent.

Standard form can tell us:

Standard formula: y= a(x-p)^2 +q

a = 2



Horizontal translation: \frac{11}{4} units right

Vertical translation: -\frac{89}{8}

Vertex : (\frac{11}{4} , -\frac{89}{8})

Axis of symmetry\frac{11}{4}

This is how you convert General form into standard form in the unit of Quadratic equations. The standard form can tell you a lot about what it looks like and how to graph it. This is my favorite form in this unit because it tells me so much information and it is very useful. 🙂


Opinion Piece Corrections

                Sports Teams Should Not use First Nations as Logos or Team Names

For many years, sports teams have used First Nations as team names and logos. And for the same amount of time, there has been controversy to whether it is offensive or not. Red Skins, Indians, Eskimos, Blackhawks and Braves are examples of teams who say they’re trying to represent, honour and show pride towards First Nations. but are they really? Are they taking into consideration the way people of Aboriginal descent feel about these names?

A poll directed by the Washington Red Skins surveyed First Nations across Washington state. Statistics show that 9 in 10 aboriginals were not offended by this name. But who is to say that this isn’t a reliable source to use. Well, many Chiefs across Washington, and other states agree that it shouldn’t be where the line is drawn. What about the hundreds of people who were not called to give their opinion, and how do we know the people they called were, well, people?

The first thing that runs through minds when Red Skin is said, is skin color. It is obvious that they’re referring to skin with their name. How do teams show courage, honour, and show towards First Nations?  Do they do so by waving around the skin they have ripped off First Nations? For the uneducated people who don’t know where the Red Skins name originated from, it came from when First Nations were brutality skinned, and handed in for reward. So yes, please keep cheering for the team that continues to hold up their Red Skin Flags.

The three teams that are deeply disturbing and catch many Aboriginals off guard are the Blackhawks, Indians and the Red Skins. The logos of these teams are very stereotypical and are unacceptable. They show that all Fir        st Nations are the same and are in one group. This is not accurate. There are many different cultures that have different traditions than their “cousins”. Not all First Nations are red skinned, with high cheek bones, and hooked noses. And do not call me a Knock Off Native when I don’t fit your standards.

Using these names for sports teams enable people to use these names to describe First Nations. People associate First Nations with being resilient, warriors, and brave individuals. And this could be the reason they chose these names. But First Nations had to be resilient, they had to fight for their rights. Which were essentially ripped from their mouths, like their tongues when they spoke their language. Or their land that they still fight to live on. Using these names enable people to negatively affect us. A group of Indigenous children visited the White House to explain the way kids bullied them and called them these team names. Drunks, worthless, animals are also associated with First Nations, and it is not okay. If these names have a negative affect on people, why is it still appropriate to use them. If there is controversy of whether it is offensive or not, get the opinions of all First Nations, meanwhile, teams should not use First Nations as team names or as their logos.


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“Dead Poets Society” Reflection and Connection

1. What is the central message? How does it compare to the poem “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow”?

The central message of the movie “Dead Poets Society” is that life is short and we should make the most out of it, leave all our thoughts in the moment and don’t worry about the future. This movie is about having a voice, that we need to live in the now. In the poem “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow” by William Shakespeare, the message being shared is that life is short and we are fake, we are actors trying to get through life. That life is meaningless and stupid. both pieces of literature express that life is short, but in Dead Poets Society the mood is optimistic, and tells a greater story, to make life worth while, as we still have it. Time goes by quickly and it will burrow itself before our eyes see it gone. Live in the moment. The mood in the poem “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, Tomorrow” is sad and depressing

Persuasive Essay Corrections: English 11

This is my persuasive essay that I did my corrections for.

Things I did well: The hard work I put in on writing my essay, my choice of words, and my proper formatting for quotes in the essay.

Things I could improve on: One main thing is to explain myself better and understand that the reader may not know as much detail about novel as me, as well as improve my sentences and make them more parallel to have more flow.

Lord of the Flies: Informal Blog

Why Simon Would Be My Boyfriend 

Have you ever wanted a boyfriend that you can be really close with? Well, in the novel “Lord of the Flies” by William Golding, there is one character by the name of Simon that would fit the role perfectly.




Reason #1: He shares his Food 

Simon is a very caring person, Simon gave his food away to Piggy, who didn’t get a chance to eat the meat. Food is very important to me and to have a boyfriend that shares his food has the best quality a boyfriend could ever have. 


Reason #2: He Would Never Hurt a Butterfly

Simon would never hurt a soul. I would never be scared to be with simon, because he would never want to harm me. He would only want to make me happy. Simon and I would also own a pet, because he would treat our dog or cat like family and not a rodent. 

Reason #3: Simon Seems Older

Simon seems much older than what he is, which says more than the selection of boys I get to choose from. He is mature, wise, and very understanding. Simon is also not becoming savage despite all of the influences around him. He stands his ground and sticks to his morals and values.

Simon would be the perfect guy for me. I love when guys share food, it’s all about the food. I love how I would be treated with care, I would never have to complain about his maturity level. Yes, he is younger than I am, but age is just a number. He sticks to what he believes, and I know that he would believe that we should be together forever. Simon would be a well rounded boyfriend, and be perfect for me.