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Math 10 Week 1

This week I learned how to find the Lowest Common Multiple of 2 or more numbers. This is something I struggled with earlier this week. While doing my homework, I compared my answers with the real ones and when I got something wrong I retraced my steps and fixed any errors.

To find the Lowest Common Multiple of: Ex. 12, 30, and 105

  1. Create a factor tree or factor table.
  2. Sort the prime numbers from lowest to highest for 12, 30 and 105
  3. make into exponents.
  4. sort into groups- Notice that there is sometimes a prime number that is not a prime factor of another number. In this case you need to make that prime number to the power of 0 in the group that does not have that prime factor. Ex. 2 is a prime factor of 12 and 30 but not of 105. you need to write it like this- 12= 2 to the power of 2, 30= 2 to the power of 1 and, 105= 2 to the power of 0.
  5. You have now sorted into groups 🙂
  6. Chose the highest exponent from each group.
  7. Multiply the numbers you have chosen
  8. You should be left with the LCM of 12, 30 and 105. Good Job!

See below for pictures

Immigration Journal – Socials 10


This is my Socials 10 Immigration Journal. For me this was a difficult project because I am not a creative writer. I was writing about things I was still learning about so my knowledge about this topic was not great. I had to do research to make sure I had the correct names of people, places and some code words and songs . I would change a couple things. I would put a little more detail in about the journey to Canada and do more research in how badly the slaves were treated and apply it in my letters. I was proud that I got a high mark on this and that I put a lot of work and effort into this project. I found that it helped me improve my creative writing skills and artistic skills. I learned about slaves and how harsh the conditions were for them. I learned that there were a few good people in the world that helped abolish slavery and did the right thing helping in the underground railroad. overall I really enjoyed and learned a lot from this project.